Developer Express XtraVerticalGrid Suite

Developer Express XtraVerticalGrid Suite 1.5

DevExpress offers you an new way to develop highly functional user interfaces
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The Vertical Property Grid for WinForms by DevExpress offers you an entirely new way in which to develop highly elegant and functional user interfaces. Fully optimized for utmost flexibility, the XtraVerticalGrid will help you build stunning data entry forms with complete control over the information displayed on-screen. The XtraVerticalGrid can be thought of as an inverted grid control - allowing you to display individual rows from a dataset or to display multiple dataset rows within the container. In addition, you can use it to build a Property Grid just like that found in the Visual Studio IDE. Regardless of how you choose to use the XtraVerticalGrid, it has been engineered to give you and your end-users the ability to organize information and render it on screen in the most efficient way possible
- Blazing Fast Data Loading
- Runtime Row Customization
- Built-in Data Editors
- Themes and Skins
- Export & Print Options
- Advanced Design Time Support
- Runtime Resizing
- Editor Repository
- Persistence (Load and Save Layouts)
- Integrated Property Grid

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